Kill weeds without chemicals

I used to simply pull weeds from the yard… like Dandelion and Thistle…

Lately I’ve not felt like it… had other things taking up time, and so I really needed some way to get rid of weeds, that didn’t involve me bending or kneeling. Besides, there were many more weeds than usual… I’d been out of town for a few years, so, you know, lots and lots of catching up to do.

If you want you can do what I did to pound down the weeds… get a garden sprayer, the kind people use to poison the neighborhoods and ground-water, and fill it with Vinegar… I used White Vinegar, use what you want, like all things, it’s an experiment. Spray it on any plant you want to kill… then watch

I can’t tell you what to do after that cause I just started. I can tell you: Vinegar kills Thistles, dandelions and other broad-leaf weeds. It also kills grass.. so, act accordingly.

I had a lot of grass and weeds growing in the parking area at the top of the property. After I’d sprayed it all with vinegar, and the weeds were browning, I drenched this graveled area with Salt, just plain old table salt… I’ll get some Rock Salt when I find some and spread it around.

Salt… lots of salt in the soil makes it to acidic for plants to grow. Think Dead Sea or Salt flats. So any place you want “No plant ever”… Salt. I’ll keep am eye on the Salt thing… update here if needed.

Happy hunting

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