Specifically the conversations we have via imagination… we, I, have conversations with people who aren’t physically there (maybe they’re at work or maybe I’m thinking about calling them…)…

The conversations run… maybe to resolve some unknown… maybe to recreate and make better some past embarrassment or confused actions or feelings, sometimes trying to analyze thinking, the movement of me

Sometimes it’s an image or a feeling of something that gets put into words… like a song or poem… Often I look at things and describe them in language simultaneously… occasionally I just look

I’ve watched and listened when close to sleep… in a restless hour or two with nothing to do but wait… then drifting in and out and watching… the conversations were very much the same… the people in dreams are sometimes new to me…though often familiar, carried with me from my life awake

Only lately have I come to expect language as largely unnecessary, and possibly a great hindrance… to something unseen… in me, in life

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