Last nights dream

Watching a performance by these kids, college age. outside on a grass field… there was sun and a nice breeze. All of the students energized and attentive. Acting, singing… some had their own solo performances.

They had to practice with this together .. they enjoyed it though .. outside .. working so so hard, naturally focused and dedicated with their music, dance, acting, singing, movement.. getting the technical steps down together. This is what they were studying. It was a school in western Mass? (natural area) / alternative type.

I was really upset in my dream watching this .. I felt devastated, hearing her sing and watching this kind of expression in human beings .. working hard, exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

I felt like that was in me so badly, that this was me, but never allowed, and I wanted to start life over again.

By, Meredith Rucker

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