One Nation Under Law: Money, madness and Murder
Doug Wilson (2009)

The story of my life starts with my awareness that nothing I saw made much sense. I just couldn’t see a happy ending. There was an observable pointlessness. Although at the age of eight or so I really wouldn’t have used words like this. The sense was that this world wasn’t going to end well. It wasn’t heading anywhere. That’s what it was in a nutshell. It was going nowhere.

One of the real sore spots was the rules. People kept telling me to do things. I kept asking why. They kept saying things like, “that’s what people do…” or the dreaded, “because I said to”. Let’s just say that as far as I was concerned there was no good reason for me to follow any of these rules.

The real reason that I was being asked, no commanded, to follow these rules was not really clear to the people giving the orders. They couldn’t tell me, because they didn’t know. When they did attempt to give me the reasons, as they understood them, I was always left with the same underlying feeling of, “sorry but that doesn’t add up to anything”. This was the beginning of my walk in society. My “knowing” that it could only end badly. It had to. Because it was not designed to go anywhere. It could only end in more of the same.

So I went on from confrontation to confrontation. Here’s a rule that I didn’t get: respect your elders. Look around for the origin of that. You’ll find that it comes out of indigenous settings where the ritual and stories are passed along from generation to generation by the elders of the community. The only relationship our forefathers had with the indigenous tribes was to kill them or corrupt them for profit. They did it then, they are doing it today. Right now.

Sometimes we have thoughts and feelings about things and don’t no where we got them. One of these might be our ideas about judges. Judges are just the upper echelon in the life of law. They aren’t necessarily wise or just. They don’t even have to be smart. You can hold a seat on the supreme court and be, not just dumb but insane.

One of the big failings of law is that it doesn’t protect anyone from anything. It doesn’t insure a society of safety or sanity, peace or freedom. In fact, if one looks at the history of society and the history of law, I’d think it would be clear that it is a failed system. In the long run, it doesn’t help.

One rule of law concerning the corporation meant that a few goofballs could ruin the lives of millions. Including those whose lives it was written to enhance. The law was written to protect corporations from common sense. In fact the idea of law itself is the replacement of common sense and that it has done to perfection. Not only is there an ever increasing lack of common decency and judgment but common sense has all but vanished completely. There is little sign of it anywhere. There are those who have good sense, it’s just not common to the society. The elders are gone.

We are a nation whose only tradition is that we take possession of things under the system of law. If a law prohibits the acquisition of public property by a government backed business then the law can be changed.

There is no fixing a flawed system. The system is what you start with. Everything that follows are results. If we want different results we have to get a different system. There is no other way.

Remember this… Do unto others as you would have others do unto you? Now this could never really be a law. It’s to close to common sense. Also we’d have to figure out a way to enforce it and then it would just start the whole process up again and in a few generations we’d be as balled up as we are now. Law doesn’t work for people. So what does?

What is it we need to do? We need to do something and we need to do it now. We need to do it “commonly”. That means we need to do it as one. At once. Meaning as one movement at the same time.

The first thing we must do is break the law. Not commit a singular criminal act. Break the tyranny of law. Revolt with a unanimous and resounding – No More. No more stupidity. No more greed. No more insanity. No more rulers and ruled. No more armies in sheep’s clothing. No more patrioticide. No more lies.

The reign of law must end. Either that or we just take every thing we hold dear and turn it over. We might as well get it over with. We either do it voluntarily or we do it when we’re told to, under the law that will eventually be written. We already live without freedom, safety, peace of mind, good health… the list is long.

We don’t even have the right to ownership. If you don’t believe this stop paying the money that the law requires and see who really has ownership. Ownership will revert back to the cartel set up “Under the Law” to control every possession known to man.

The life we dreamed about is gone. It will never come back. The past is indeed lost to us. There is no way to reroute the ship. We have to board a different ship. We will have to come up with a new dream. A common dream that will re-establish our common sense. The re-emergence of common sense will overwhelm law. Common sense is not dead. It’s in the dormant phase… We can activate it and we should. It’s a good idea. Unlike the idea of law.

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