Life In A closed Eco-System

I got a comment the other day telling me I should stop spreading nonsense about the dangers surrounding the Gulf Oil Spill.

The reason given was, an identical spill occurred in 1997 and it turned out to be “no big deal”. I never delete comments – except spam. I think all opinions are useful in some way. The first thing I thought of after reading the comment (after I wondered why people use comments to try and tell other people what to do) was think about the earth being a closed system.

Someone (around Faraday’s time), when scientists were just inventors and experimenters, made a closed system to find out if mass/weight changed in matter through evaporation. (if you’re familiar with this experiment you might add something for clarification purposes)

What he found was, although matter goes through changes in form it doesn’t – go away. All the water that was on the earth a million years ago is still here. On one hand this is great. If it wasn’t this way planets wouldn’t be a habitable. But the nature of the system – the nature of nature – also sets the stage for our extinction.

One trait that is common to mankind is it’s ability to ignore things. In the case of life in a closed system a lot of people operate on – out of sight out of mind thinking. I can’t see it so it’s not a problem. You see in the gulf right now people looking at the crude and saying, “This is bad, we need to do something – Now”. But who remembers the oil spill of “97”?

I didn’t, but in 1997 I was taking a lot of drugs. I’ll admit I never even heard about it that I can remember. My question is this: If all this oil poured into our closed eco-system via the gulf and people dumped a bunch of chemicals on it and lit big fires – where did all that stuff go? It didn’t just go away, whether we can see it or not, it’s here.

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