Life In The Political Candy Store

Giving In
This type of political action (Linked Below) is widely referred to, by numerous authors and headlines, as ‘caving’. Like – “Obama caves to…etc”. This suggests that a formerly decent person is being pressured to do these things – against his will. This type of message is either disingenuous or plain ol’ naive. To see all this clearly one must first get the proper perspective. A lot of this can be done by understanding the language.

People have some idea of the difference between elected and appointed. With this basic understanding we can adjust our screens. If we stop thinking of Presidents as elected officials we’ll be well on our way to “Political enlightenment”. Political and social awareness is like 5th grade math. You have to pay attention, but it’s not calculus. Until we understand the nature of institutions, trickier stuff like, human nature will never be understood. The only barrier standing in the way of this pristine vision is a lack of willingness. People really hate to let go of things.

Clarity Needed – The Road To Happy
If this nation doesn’t let go of it’s political fantasizing and fixation with celebrity it will cease to exist. This may or may not be important to those reading this. I don’t have a political or geopolitical ideal. To me it’s limiting. I do however want people to be happy. Letting go of thoughts that keep us stuck is part of the progression toward the state of happy. Everybody who ever learned calculus first had to master basic math. With that in mind I give you the some nonsense to look at Obama’s Biotech & Chemically Dependent Friends, by Kathy Ozer and Marcia Ishii-Eiteman Get more Political enlightenment at:

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