Life In The Feelings Factory

Accepted premise: Motive for behavior is always personal happiness.

The Brain as a feeling factory
In examining the brains activity I’ve often wondered why it came up with things, in the form of thought, that seemed so far removed from anything “me”. Not only does my brain think up things I would never choose to think about it seems to be unaware of my existence or it’s symbiotic relationship with me.

As previously discussed the brain is on one hand a phenomenal machine. The brain regulates and maintains systems throughout the body of which I have no understanding. For this I’m grateful. Then there’s the brain as thinker, or picture maker. I wonder where it comes up with these scripts and scenes. If it was up to me I might choose to watch, or even think about, maybe 1% out of the thousands of scenes my brain invents.

Where the brain gets these creepy flicks and weird thoughts, where the characters and themes come from, I can’t say. What I can say is they all induce feelings in me. Those feelings make the brains obsession with creepiness hard to ignore.

Feelings As Motivators
We’re all motivated by feelings to one degree or another. We could decide not to act on our feelings. But our feelings is what would get us to this decision in the first place. Feelings are an inescapable condition of life as humans.

I guess the point is to realize that living this life as humans we all live and work at the feelings factory. The brain is sort of a hologram in which we exist. It’s like a hologram in that we might find ways to change or abort the program – if we’re lucky. If we’re not so lucky we don’t realize we’re in it at all. We can live out our lives according to a script not of our own making. Life in the feelings factory…. Days and years responding and reacting to the brains thoughts and moving pictures.

Why Do We Do The Things We Do?
Everybody asks this of themselves or others. “Why would she like him?”, “Why is he so mean?”, How can a world be in such turmoil when most of us don’t enjoy tuurmoil?

How is it that life on Earth is so far removed from the paradise we dream about? My conclusion: It’s all caused by the brain.

Part of my brain, or my brain system, is truly foreign to me. I don’t understand why it runs the scenes it runs, where it gets the characters and lines. To me the brain has to be crazy to play this stuff. Why the nightmare? Why show the nightmare?

If a brain can runs clips (on it’s own) why not fun clips? Why not good thoughts always? Why would the brain, if it cared about me or realized a connection to me, run so much ugly weirdness? Doesn’t it know that’s if I go down I’m taking it with me?

That’s enough for now I’m gonna go do something physical, be nice to others and enjoy myself. Which if you ask me, enjoying ourselves, is the whole purpose of life on Earth.

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