Life In The Idiocracy

The Dumbing Down of Societies
Doug Wilson (2010)

I watched a movie a few years ago that changed my life. The movie is titled “Idiocracy”. It is a really scary movie. It is a depiction, a real possibility, of our future if we continue as we are. In the movie “Idiocracy” the President of the United States is an ex wrestler. Not an Olympic wrestler. A “WWF” wrestler. This seems really stupid huh? Part of the effort in the dumbing down of society is the campaign aimed at the dumbing down our children. This started some years back and guess what? They’re not children anymore. Did you know that TV style entertainment wrestling has been in the top ten search queries for the past two years? I only checked the past two years. You know what the rest of the list mainly consists of? Celebrity gossip and porn. There is a Spanish language porn site that gets three and a half million visits a day. We no longer vote for people because of their ideas on important issues. They never bring up important issues. We vote for people based on our emotional reactions.

So what is stopping this presidential part of the movie from being a reality today? There were no retired wrestlers running in the last election. How about in four years? Their was one running a few years back in Minnesota. He was elected. I personally like him. He’s not dumb. It’s more the principle. Where are the statesmen?

The really awful part of the movie was the overall picture of the society. The brain parts were gone. All that was left was a body. The structural monstrosity of society without the benefit of sane coherent thought. There were no smart people left in the society. Doesn’t that seem dangerously close to home? How far are we from that today? If you wanted to make a society of idiots, how would you go about making one? Do you think you could make one? Where would the focus of your “dumbing down curriculum” start? Wouldn’t you begin by dumbing down education, dumbing down schools, dumbing down our kids? I would. What will be the end result of all this dumbing down? Would we survive it? Will we survive it? How dumb can we get?

We have the society that some other people came up with. Others have made some adaptations. Some of us have had our ideas effect the society we live in. Not many. I don’t know any personally. I have only read things by and about them. Do we have a society designed by the best brains? So we’re led to believe. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree. I didn’t know any of them. I do know that our society, our republic, was never designed for us commoners. But it did provide us with a way to protect ourselves and make improvements. It also lends itself, by design, to manipulation and destruction from any number of crazies who are able gain positions of power.

We can agree that we are better off with better brains. The best brain possible is the one we want. The earth is a big nutrient factory. Everything we need to have a healthy brain comes from the earth. What if we poison the earth? What effect will it have on our brain? Everything we put down, drop, dump, empty out, ends up in our brain. There is nothing else that can happen. If we pollute the earth, we pollute what grows and we pollute our brains by ingesting it.

We dump tons of toxins, trash and poisons on the earth everyday. Then we eat it. Animals eat it. Then we eat them. Isn’t this going to kill us? Of course it is. But not right away. First we’re going to get dumber. Most of us grew up ingesting fluoride. Fluoride is poison. If you don’t get enough to kill you right away it will just make you dumber. We, as a nation will become, are becoming, more and more idiotic every day. Every day I read the most ridiculous stuff from people with political blogs. Journalists who are too dumb to understand what is being done to them. Maybe they’re just too scared to say anything. That’s pretty dumb too. Who stays quiet, and dies, when they might save themselves by making the right noises? People put their faith in gods and politicians. I don’t know about the gods but I do know about the politics. I do know that political goals and your best interests do not coincide.

We have a few smart people that keep telling us what is taking place in the world and what will happen if we don’t act. They are, for the most part, ignored. Take Noam Chomsky for example. Here is a guy that, for as long as I’ve known him and listened to him, has stated his opinion maybe twice. The rest of the time he gives us facts. A lot of people hate him. Why? Because he knows too much. People hate it when someone messes up their emotional lives and threatens their plans with facts.

So are we going to end up an Idiocracy? I think we’re there now. It’s not complete. It’s not as bad as the movie. We aren’t all as dumb as we could eventually be, but it’s really bad. Most people haven’t made any assessments of life since early childhood. How many still believe what they were told in Sunday school? Why? How many know how history gets recorded. Who gets to write it and what their ideologies were. How many people are interested in the future? Not their immediate financial comfort future but the overall future of humans? How many people know of a “How did we get here” story that makes sense? That makes sense without faith? If things make sense you don’t need faith. How many arguments continue to rage simply because people don’t want to be wrong? How much of science and medicine is like that?

The end game of the world domination planners is here. Not out there in the distance, here at the door. Your door. The front door of, what you refer to as, your home.

There will be no reasoning, diplomacy, petitioning or debate. We are at the point now when our usefulness is coming to an end. The governments militant citizenry is being formed. The federal government front will swallow the last vestiges of private property and we will have the armed forces and police brigades rolling along the streets. Constitutional or not. There is no one to blame but ourselves. We didn’t care enough.

Don’t think that the police and military can arrest all of you? Don’t think there are enough idiots to overpower you? Look around. Look at the internet. Look at the violence. The police act like they are in a futuristic post society movie. The people that want to be police look at you as the other people. The people out there. The them in the “them or us”. It’s not a question of can it happen, it’s happening now. People are getting arrested and detained for talking about the government. Right now, today. There will be no funny Idiocracy. It’s not a movie. You can’t just watch the end and leave.

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