Life is amazing because it’s impossible

I had a discussion with a man the other day and he told me he saw amazing things all the time. I thought about this for a whole day and couldn’t think of anything I thought was all that amazing. Then it hit me. There is one thing I find amazing. That one thing is this: According to everything we know life to be; Life is not possible. It shouldn’t be here.

Let’s start with life as energy. According to what we know so far about energy there can be no life. Energy is not created or destroyed. So the presence of energy is – impossible. We say, well the energy we see in the universe was made when – hold up now – was created? From what? Well, the big bang happened when – wait – happened? How? Well the energy condensed till – what energy? Where did anything come from we claim is responsible for life, or the universe, or anything?

Okay, we say, the way god designed – stop right there – Where could the creator god come from? Well, he just is… Sorry, impossible. At least according to what we all claim life to be it’s impossible. We claim everything has a beginning. Cause and effect. No cause, no source, no effect.

According to us there can be no thing in existence. No thing can exist. There can be no life, no universe, no god, no source – nothing. The only explanations for life we’ve come up with so far all say – Life is not possible. Now that is truly amazing.

We can’t possibly be in the world we say we’re in. If, as we say, life is not possible then we’re doing what we’re doing for nothing. But is that possible? In order for there to be nothing there has to be something and we know that’s not possible. This means we don’t know anything about anything. Science is studying an impossible world and religions follow an impossible idea.

Well, maybe we’re dreaming? Who is there to dream? We can’t exist – at least not according to us.

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