abused and shamed

The abused and shamed go one of two ways, sadism or masochism. The degree of either reflects the individuals conceived pain. Conceived in that each persons reaction to pain, physical or emotional, is different.

Human nature is malleable, shaped by its environment. The initial slate of human nature may not be blank, but it was certainly cleaner. The other day I heard someone refer to a five year old boy as, kind of mean. After I thought about it for a while, I could see it.

The only thing I know about the boy, from talking to him, is he feels he’s being forced to do things he doesn’t want to do: like go to school. I understood. Having to, being forced to, go to school was a major pain for me. My reaction to it led me into more pain.

All people have painful memories. However we’ve individually conceived our pains isn’t all that relevant. Our reactions are relevant.


The “Just The Facts” program

I’d like to create a TV station called Metro. The same as NBC or PBS, except it would be locally operated and contain no opinion programs.

You’d have the Dallas Metro Channel, The Baltimore Metro Channel etc. I suppose you’d need advertising to keep it running.

I would set it up as a fact outlet, a just the facts channel. Maybe start with one program. The “Just The Facts” program, where people would appear do a presentation on world health statistics. Of course the media today is largely an outlet for manufactured facts and statistics, along with the opinions of the authority du jour.

This as far as I’ve got. Not sure how you’d keep it real. It’d be tough since people have
differences of opinion about what’s a fact and what isn’t. Maybe it would get people talking

Natural cure for Type 2 Diabetes & Hep C

As I mentioned I could not find a natural remedy for Hep C. I was fortunate enough to be able to take the Epclusa anti-viral and get rid of it. I suffered no side effects that I’m aware of. I was told I might feel this or that but since I sort of felt that way already I might not have noticed.

Since I cleared the Hep C I’m now able to move on to the Liver. But, I found I had another side effect from the whole life long drug trip… high blood sugar. Consistently high blood sugar. Like, “You’re a Diabetic and we want to put you on medication…” blood sugar. So I had to dive in to the diabetes thing. I read a lot, again. Read the same old stuff… again. Then I found this article: reverse type 2 diabetes quick start guide; there is a longer version there too and of course his website (I’d read the article first)

This led me back to cleansing and detoxifying the body and jon barrons detox. The long version and more on detox is available at www.jonbarron.org

I’m currently doing this, purging the system, stuff and things seem to be changing.

On the natural cure for Hep C issue. I was buying what I needed for the cleanse down the street at the dragon herbarium. I mentioned I never could find a natural cure for Hep C and the owner, daughter of the owner, the boss, told me that Hep C could be treated (cured?) naturally. So, if you don’t happen to have $90,000 handy you may want to check her out. Not having tried this particular natural cure, or discussing it at length at the shop, I can’t swear it’s real. I can tell you there’s no harm in giving it a shot and any side effects would almost certainly be beneficial.

If you hurry you can still get some Kratom at Dragon Herbarium too, which could come in handy if you’re still on, but no longer enjoying, the opiate maintenance lifestyle. Get it before the drug gov business takes it for themselves, which they surely want to do.