Cirrhosis and Hep C

I’ve known for, maybe 20 years, that I’ve had Hep C. I reckoned I also had cirrhosis or some other form of liver damage. I didn’t opt for the chemo route that was available when I was originally diagnosed with Hep C. I researched the liver and figured I’d get it running as well as I could using natural remedies. I got rid of the symptoms I knew about. I figured that was it and that I’d simply die a few years sooner than I would without the liver damage. That was acceptable. It’s what I would expect. But it wasn’t the whole story

What I didn’t know about Cirrhosis was that, when combined with Hep C, things got worse and more symptoms would show up.

For years I’ve been trying to find a remedy for muscle cramps, fatigue and numb, tingling, itchy legs and hands. I kept running into nerves and blood vessels when I researched the cramping tingling thing. As for fatigue the possibilities were endless including Lyme disease and MS.

Nothing I tried was working as a cure. That was weird because plants are the most studied and documented medicine on the planet. Plant medicine works. But it wasn’t working.

The problem is the Hep C. Here’s a couple of quotes about Hep C from natural remedy sites:
“There are some diseases in this world, which do not have a complete cure, and Hepatitis C is one of them. This disease comes under the category of viral diseases and is caused by the Hepatitis C Virus. This virus damages the liver cells and causes inflammation and swelling of the liver tissues, thereby enlarging the size of liver as a whole. This condition is not completely medically curable, and the traditional treatment methods including medicines and injections, have some very bad side effects.”
“Hepatitis C is generally considered the most serious of the hepatitis infections. As such intensive treatment is often required to facilitate recovery and improvement. Nonetheless, many natural treatments offer relief and reduction of symptoms.” (not a cure)
“Hepatitis is truly a vicious devil. It is a virus that spreads and reproduces primarily in the liver like a parasite. When attacked, hepatitis may go dormant and hide itself in other parts of the body like herpes, chicken pox… It may strike again later, when a victim’s immune system is weak enough for it to overrun the body unopposed. Even a liver transplant will not cure it, for the virus hides in other parts of the body. It enters a transplanted liver whenever a body becomes sufficiently weak. Thus, organ transplants only restart the cycle with a healthier liver. Of all the hepatitis variants, the “C” version is the worst, and it is officially considered to be incurable”

Here’s the kicker. Hep C causes inflammation of the Liver. Cirrhosis is caused by inflammation of the Liver. That explained the lack of success I was having.

Luckily for me as I was filling out my SSI forms online and was asked if I wanted to sign up for our State’s health plan. I have a cataract so I said, “Yes”. As soon as I was approved I chose a clinic close by and met with a primary care physician He started doing blood tests to see what kind of managed care they could get me on. The Doc wanted me on the Type 2 Diabetes program but sense I listed Hep C as a known condition he had to send me to a GI specialist. Bingo!

It turns out that Chemo and toxic treatments for Hep C are out. The new anti-viral, one pill a day, no real side effects (for me anyway), super expensive, 30 to 45 day, cure was available. I’m in process for approval now.

As much as hate the Health/Pharma cartel I’ve read all I can find on the drug (Epclusa) and I’m going to go for it. Like I said, I don’t mind dying sooner. What I do mind is being sick and getting sicker with no way out. Hep C can’t be cured naturally. Well I haven’t pursued the intravenous vitamin therapies (orthomolecular medicine) because insurance won’t pay for it and so on.

I have started to read up on some herbal studies…

See: Patrinia Villosa, Artemesia Capillaris, and Schizandra fructus

… but in the end there’s not enough info and it’s slow

If approved, I’m going to give the Hep C pill a shot. Then I’ll deal with the Cirrhosis…

Can’t afford it? See: (

If it feels bad do it

I quit smoking a while back. I still use tobacco, still an addict, I just stopped inhaling smoke.

I was finishing up an apartment and a guy offered me a cigarette. I took one, lit it, and it tasted like cigarettes used to taste. Took me back to when I was first getting started. I noticed something else that I’d felt way back then… inhaling tobacco smoke felt bad. I didn’t like it. I took a couple drags then handed it back. Said, “Here, take it with you”.

Then, a few minutes later, I noticed something else. I wanted to light up another one. Weird. It didn’t feel good. I didn’t like it. I wanted another… Very weird

Bob’s a drug addict

Bob’s a drug addict. You want to help Bob by getting Bob to see his real problem lies in his thinking… but Bob’s a drug addict