Limbic illusions

When we were younger, adolescent, most of us have experienced that joyous simplicity of staying together..

Not through the urge of drugs or everlasting entertainments so to escape the psycho-socially manufactured boredom of life (which is pretty much an illusion).. but rather the mere act of staying together, of talking, inquiring, laughing, joking & exploring the various dynamics of life..

The speaker is here talking about that age in which there were no cellphones and no internet.. (you have my same age so maybe you remember).. when he was 17, 20 years old or so.. and a bottle of good wine, a simple field in the country side, the little house on the winter’s mountains.. and good friends around were warm ingredients to consolidate joyful moments and fascinating discussions..

We were not busy in some belief at that time, nor we were caught neither entangled in the urge of becoming this and that, there was no need to appear as “smart” and no one had any sort of mental projection toward any sort of identitarian broth, whether spiritual, religious, political, ideological and soon… we enjoyed pretty much everything!

The brain was genuine .. in bloom ..

What about us now?
What happened to us now?
Look at us now, look at your life and their life..

You know, I just read on the news this morning, that story of this British young man who decided to move to Siria to join the extremists.. He finds “joy” in decapitating people in the name of a miserable belief..

What happened to that brain?

Why are we not exploring these psychological tragedies rather than following the clowns who claim to have psychic abilities or to be human-alien-hybrids here to help a “spiritual revolution” that will never place?

We are busy in this and that, we are willing to follow the line, and camping for days for the new smartphone.. trapped perhaps in circuits of family values.. social austerities.. and thousands of broken toys we believe to possess, while in truth they possess us..

Some of us walking blindly along the “platinum-path” of spiritual ambitions whatsoever.. other people spend time in polishing their medals of honour..
talking about changes and hopes.. proceeding all together, but separated, as shadows, moving dust for nothingness ..

What is that we enjoy right now?

Very few of us enjoy moments with no psychological time and no identity..

We run this almost daily race to seek inspiration.. we come across a stunning flower, the poignant sunrise, the silent, intimate walk on the underwood in the forest, the dew at the morning light, but we are thinking about smoking some weed in there.. or about instagram and the selfie.. and we come across a picture perhaps and a motivational discussion.. but we seek for a tribe, for support, for the big truths, for some engagement in some inspiring project, career and goals..

We seek for so many “Wow” nowadays.. whether Playstations, big cars or new technological toys .. the fashion or the visibility on the social networks up to the big limbic illusions of the sad pudding of the nowadays’s new age opium..

But we are only superficially amused or excited by all of these things, spending hours in front of a screen, scrolling and scrolling .. and between the lines we have a temporary sensation we call joy… isn’t it ?

So one wonders: why do we accept this whole net of fast “uploading and downloading”, playing along and deceiving ourselves.. and in the middle a few flares of nervous joy?

Why the very pleasure of thinking and observing without conditioning’s, which is the pleasure that should take place before any other actions or forms of pleasure… seems to be an antique act of living.. and even boring to some.. ’cause they are too busy in their path toward enlightenment or their careerist pragmatism, not to mention the religious cages?

The joyful enjoyment with no conditioning’s is something far deeper than the lives we are doing, one must go very very deep to understand it..

As we grow older, the insidious trap of “becoming”, the act of clinging to our own identity which clings to beliefs.. shapes their corruption within the sensation aimed to enjoy things..

While the best of psychological freshness has gone out of us.

The disease of the “indentitarianism” digs its cavities within the mind .. and progressively the sensation of joy, which originally had no psychological time and no identity whatsoever.. becomes power, lust, greed, pretension and tension, position, big religious or metaphysical archetypes and so on…

We become full of pretensions, thinking to be deep, wise even when we are just messy confused.. what we became, with all of these powers and illusions, emblems or delusions ..what we have become is mere superficiality..

We come, we go, and in the middle we lose the conditioning’s-free refinement the mind requires to grow up intelligently and freely…

We came to believe that joy must be a temporary thing.. so we more or less subconsciously fight to gain it and to protect it, to have more, to ensure the access to it..
mistaking joy with psychological security..
while we become gradually more and more arid, petty, false..

..because we have lost the awareness that the extraordinary reality in the perception of joy .. is that joy does not have the ghost of ‘psychological time’ to enchain it down to the ground of the identity waxed by illusions..

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