Living and thinking with a brain

What’s important?

The brain holds ideas accepted as important. Everything we believe about life purpose, creation, spirituality, who we are and what we’re doing here, is passed from the senses to the brain and accepted. Anything not believed are things we didn’t accept. Belief is only acceptance of a thing as true. None of what we’ve accepted as true is necessarily true. What we think of as true, we think of as real, what we believe becomes our reality.

Is what we believe reality? Is what we believe real?

I guess if I want to really know anything I need to understand my relationship with my brain. At some point on my journey through the earth cycle I came to understand that my brain is just my brain. My brain is pretty much always doing something I call thinking. I call it thinking because I was told that’s what it was. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. It’s just what I was told. More accurately it’s what the brain was told. My brain thinks it’s thinking.

When I watch my thoughts it seems like my brain is just recalling things. My brain seems to go over things it’s seen and heard. Maybe the brain isn’t happy until it’s got data properly stored somewhere. Maybe until it decides, or we decide, where it goes it keeps reading over it trying to figure out if it’s important. Maybe the brain is a librarian with obsessive compulsive disorder.

I have come to rely less on my brain as years go by.

For instance we may have some approaching event or situation to attend to. We might start thinking about what might go wrong. Or we might start thinking about how something good always seems to happen, just when we need it most. Whatever our mental image of the future appears to us, we call it thinking about something. Is it? Is that thinking?

If it is thinking is it productive? Aren’t these thoughts just recollections: The brain recollecting data from stored memory? As a result of this recollecting memories we might feel nervous or confident. What do these feelings have to do with reality? The upcoming event hasn’t happened. Why would we feel a certain way about something that hasn’t happened? Wouldn’t this make the brain the source of feelings?

If we have scary thoughts about an upcoming event is the brain trying to scare us? Is the brain capable of intention? It seems to me if the brain is capable of intention, thinking or reason? If so, it doesn’t have my best interest at heart. If my brain was smart and if it cared about me it would not bring up any memory that would result in my being unnecessarily afraid.

Looking at the brain in this new light helped me out quite a bit. At least I was able, in moments of clarity, to ignore my brains annoying habit of digging grubby things out of storage.

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