Living Habitually

What that means exactly is living a government approved lifestyle. The governments of the world today are the administrative arm for the policies of the powerful. Governments don’t decide things – so why would anyone listen to them or consider them an authority on important issues – like what you should think, what to should eat, what type of medical care you “get to” choose or what is moral or ethical? If people aren’t constantly questioning and reforming the way the world operates – They Are Living Habitually.

What was hidden is revealed. I have conversations with societally successful people all the time who are really not satisfied with life. That is Life in general. They aren’t satisfied with what they do to earn a living. They aren’t satisfied with the state of things, and the state of things always boils down to the things people are doing. They’re not happy with the laws people have made, the way the social system operates and so on.

I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind feeling good about “The State of Things Today”. I guess some people have fooled themselves into believing that things will just work out on there own, but this is part of a habitual thinking process. There’s certainly no evidence to support the notion that things will work out on there own. Nor is there any evidence to support a belief that “Someone” will fix things. Addiction to a belief is as serious as an addiction to alcohol. A belief could be defined as, “That for which sufficient evidence is not attainable”. These beliefs can become obsessions and obsession is the same as addiction.

There is a large group of people addicted to the belief that the United States was established by God. Being Gods country – God will fix things. So far all evidence points to this being nothing more than a fairy tale. I’ve found that every problem known to man through out history ( which simply repeats itself) is a result of belief. To find out for yourself if this is true we might have to practice the principles used by addicts in recovery. These principles are open mindedness, willingness and honesty. These principles allow people to move outside there boxes. Out of habitual living.

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