Living lives as conditioned self images

I see a world populated by conditioned minds thinking conditioned thoughts living lives as conditioned self images

These self images, these programs, have made the societies into which we are born. We are then shaped to fit into the society. Our minds full of the thoughts of those who came before us… Try and think something that hasn’t been thought before

How society shapes us as a group and how society shapes the individual. This is the base line for all the rest of the activities within the society.

The primary motivation of all people is the desire for happiness, eventually coupled with the fear of death. These are the motives behind the development of governments, religions and other ideologies. Desire and fear is the foundation on which all institutions are built. Nations are institutional structures held together by fear

We have, for the most part, let ourselves go unexamined. For the most part, when we feel the mental frictions we’ll try and ignore it. How many take the time to study it on their own, by themselves, privately. Don’t most look for answers in the thoughts and ideas of others? Don’t most seek to only to cope with their frictions? Isn’t coping the common prescription? Gods and drugs, causes and busying ourselves, are some coping mechanisms… we cope, we go along, we die… societies and ideals, the thinking of the past remains to swallow the next minds born

If we can recognize what we are doing and why we are doing it we might, and I have to emphasize might, be able to do something different. We might be able to completely change the world of people. I say might because I’m not alone in thinking this way but how different am I thinking… really? Have I seen my desire to be happy for what it is? Have I seen my fear of death for what it is? Has what I’ve seen in my mental frictions been enough to do something different? Something new? Am I not now a conditioned self image?

I guess the question might be, “What has to change in me, in us, to really change the world of people?”