Living The Lie

I have discussions with people in my immediate circle concerning basic human nature. We have a disagreement on this that is basic to the trouble in world society. I’ve said that the bad things that people do are a result of environmental factors and the argument against this is that some people simply have an innate tendency for criminal activity.

Criminal activity for the discussion is greed, selfishness, envy and the like. These are certainly traits that set the stage for stealing, persecuting and killing. So who is right?

I know this much for sure: We can’t settle it without creating the environmental stage suitable for a test. I see the cause of all crime and inner turmoil as the lie. I’d have to say that, in my thinking, story telling is the driving force behind all the evils people inflict on one another. For example: Who steals things of no value?

The next question is what’s valuable? And, where do values come from? Watch any crime drama and the motive always falls to love or money. That’s it – Love or Money. It’s of no interest when people go to jail for stealing food for their children to ward off hunger. So even the plots value is based on love or money. So love and money are what? The most valued things in, at least, US society.

What falls under love?

  • Fame
  • Recognition
  • Status/Social strata
  • Winning

What falls under money?

  • It buys love

Right before I sat down to write this I walked passed the commercial TV news and saw a story about some Mom who’d hired the death of her daughters High School rival. Where did the idea that eliminating a rival was of value. Where did the idea that winning a contest had value come from? The story that people love a winner is not untrue. To get people to love a winner is something else altogether.

Why would people want to win? To gain the emotional reward given by others. Why is it given? It’s taught. Value is not ingrained. It’s not something we’re born with. We learn some values real quick. Not being hungry has real value. Being held, being comfortable and so on are learned – but they aren’t taught. These values are discovered as part of being born an animal. We have sense and we know what feels good and what doesn’t. Beyond that … ?

Nobody steals what they don’t value. At the bottom of the lie is the distortion of love. All stealing, warring, hatred and so on is done out a distorted concept of love. Someone has packaged this distorted idea and is selling it. This has been going on for as long as any can remember or read about in history books. This distorted understanding of love and value is the root of all evil we see today. Who’s under the influence of the lie?

Anyone who participates in criminal behavior. Just for the record I’m not including all law breakers. In fact not breaking some laws is an act of criminal behavior. Some laws, the majority of laws today, were written by criminals. Stealing food for your family is not criminal behavior, defending your home is not criminal behavior.

So if all criminal behavior is the result of swallowing the great lie about value then who is living under the influence of this distortion? To give a rough graph of this I say it might start with the billions of people coveting a toy or object of some kind to the tiny percent who pull the global strings. That’s right, they aren’t the authors of the lie. They were taught and are acting accordingly. In this twisted value system the people at the bottom may view those at the top with a mixture of hatred and admiration. After all, they’re just getting what the majority of society wishes they had: Everything money can buy; The Love Feeling.

At this stage of the geopolitical game it’s down to join us in the great lie – Or we’ll get rid of you.

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