Looking at the same thing and not seeing the same thing

Years ago I had a discussion via email with a person who is considered one of the greatest minds of our time

We were looking at the same thing and not seeing the same thing

Recently I was watching a youtube video and again thought I might comment… until I read a few comments. There it was again… basically two camps calling each other stupid for believing this way or that. Everyone looking at the same thing, seeing something different

In the case of the comments, neither camp had access to the raw data, they were relying on their authorities to tell them what was factual. They were defending their beliefs

We all know people we’d consider stupid and we can write off their not seeing what’s in front of them or misdiagnosing something, but what about those who we consider intelligent, who do the same thing?

How can someone I consider intelligent, someone I agree with on most things and enjoy talking to, believe something about something that I don’t?

Most of my life I’ve wondered “What’s wrong with my brain?”

Today I still consider what I’m seeing, in many cases, a generic problem of the brain… Although I would downgrade problem to issue… but I’m also looking at many factors that can negatively effect the brain, most of which few are aware of

All of these factors are synthetic creations… the physical result of man’s thinking

Now I have to learn about all the things, all these synthetic creations and there effects, just to make sure I don’t unwittingly fall prey to them

Like I didn’t have enough to do…

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