Looking for reality

I think everyone wants to know the reality of our situation: no one wants to live a fantasy. All people want to know what’s beyond the sky. Squirrels don’t, but Squirrels are evil.

People will keep looking for answers to the reality of everything until they find it. Some stop off at the Love Cafe’, become mired in the swamps of bad science or fall asleep in the pews of mad gods. Some find their way out to continue their quest, while others throw there hands up in surrender, “I’m done”, they say, “There is nothing to find. We’re here, we die, and that’s all there is”. And still they watch for something, some clue left by their ancestors, some sign from above or breakthrough in quantum mechanics

Are we able to know the origins of things? Where did the things we are and see come from? Is it the magic of time on the inanimate that brings animation? Did some space people build planets and populate them… is it their job… their art?

What I’ve found to work is the look but don’t believe approach. Look into everything without hope or wishing but never fall asleep for the sake of the dream

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