looking for solutions in the problems

When will we stop looking for solutions in the problems? Why do we think that might be a possibility? What makes us think that the solutions exist? Is it possible that some things, some systems, can’t be fixed? What if the system goes against the laws of nature? Can you make it work?

As an example lets look at the current scientific model for cosmology. Scientific ideas are as good as their ability to make predictions. Say for instance my personal hypothesis concerning the nature of gravity said that the gravitational effect on an object would cause an object to fall toward the earth and toward the south pole at the same rate. How would I prove it? I’d have to drop stuff. If I was right then stuff would fall not only down but south as well.

So if I drop it from here it should land over there, right? What if it doesn’t? Do you think we should use my ideas to build our scientific model? Of course not. What is the success rate for the current models predictions about the universe? Not sure? Well, it’s a continuous stream of wrong again. So why isn’t this cosmological model over in the trash bin with my gravity idea?

Why can’t we just stop and do something else? Where does the desire to keep at something that isn’t working come from?

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