Losing ourselves to technology

Are we concerned we are losing ourselves to technology… the latest online dance?

Everything we create, telephones, the interenet, is us, technically: materialized… we were in a cave, or a tube in a lab… we were in a castle, in a stage coach… we were in a jet flying a thousand miles – to go swimming… we were blasting through the new supernet: learning, playing, laughing, arguing… we were on the breathing monolith drawing near to the Star we dreamed about…

We do what we imagine, then we do something else… we’ll fly, we’ll talk…

We are what we are and were… the environment changes: We change it; it’s interesting and the natural occurrence of inventiveness

We are what will be… soon we’ll draw it on a napkin and thus set it free. We’ll build it, walk through it, talk about it… Someone will buy it and sell it… and we’ll still be what we are.

I guess at some point all that we are will get made. I wonder what that will look like? I wonder if it’s even possible

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