Lost cause

If we were to go back to the very roots of nation building: conquering, clearing away the old tradition, setting in place the ideology of the conquerers, laying down the laws, “issuing” rights…

What would those who hold onto hope for change, change? What is there to save? On the other hand, if people, if individuals, can change… they may be able to make something different… The problem in making anything new and different is Where would we make it?

If out of the billions of people today a million got themselves free of confusion how would they begin toward creating a place for themselves? For me, I have no hope at all for any modern society or nation. I see them all as mistakes.

I have no interest in working on anyone’s ideological mistake. But I know that an individual can begin work on their on confusion if they begin examining there ideas, there beliefs, their hopes and fears

At least we can be free of what we have become.

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