Lucidity (Part 2)

Does psychological lucidity imply a specialization?
Or knowledge?
Or Wisdom?
Or searching for it?

None of these things can ever result in psychological lucidity because all of these things imply a “How” and a “How” implies a methodology… and a methodology implies someone who tells you what method to apply…

How can there be lucidity if there is mere application of a method… whatever it is, whether a practice, a meditation, a mantra, a yoga, an ideal, a belief or belonging, a “power of now” or “law of attraction” whatsoever?

Through a method of thinking you become mechanical… having such method as your mental authority… How can one have clarity, lucidity, if he or she has authority in the brain?

To cook, to sing, to fly, you need a method… and perhaps you will accomplish something productive…

But if you have a method in thinking, whether religious, spiritual, materialistic, idealistic and so on… you will become such method, therefore while you will think that you keep thinking, in truth; you will stop thinking…

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