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A friend writes…

The web is full of phrases more or less esoteric of positive thinking and tricks to see the life on the right side. “if the sadness you invades, open yourself to the light.” “when life has no meaning, contact your inner joy.” “peace of mind is in giving to the laws of the universe.” But that may well mean that kind of phrases marshmallows? Nothing. They mean nothing.

Maybe can they at most appease a time the tumult inside of the one / the one who is desperately seeking for a reply to his ill-being. But in the end, they only add to the confusion. Because of what actually needs a restless spirit, a mental confused, if not for a rigorous analysis, of a clear understanding of the reality that the occupies (its link with the past experiences and the unconscious decisions that have followed)? Take a time for yourself and confront the fears underlying a state of mental suffering can be admittedly difficult and confusing because this implies inevitably the questioning of our way of thinking and limits or judgments that are attached, but It’s the only way that we should be offered to get out of the infinite circle of our suffering. The only one.

All these phrases of insipid magical thinking, and the gullibility of those who refer to it and the spread on the net, are an attack on any thinking intelligent and logical, because they detract from the review sobre of rational and irrational fears (especially) That populate and hinder our existence.

All this has no tail or head!

Élisabeth Feytit

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