Maria Cino Pfizer Girl Brings Bank Book

Saved, Land of the Goofy

Want to be the darling of DC? Bring money. That’s it, that’s all, if you want to live in the zoo you have to feed the animals. Doesn’t matter if the speaking head is giggly Nancy or weepy John money is the key.

Who runs the country? Who has the most money? International banks, Pig Pharma, Transnational Insurance and so on. These entities have serious representation in the candy land capital. You? Well …. no, the junkies in DC don’t care about you past your vote. If you’re dumb enough to vote for any of them you can get a hat or a button.

Apparently there is no mechanism in place for getting rid of any of the elected or appointed. Strange system huh? I guess we’re right where the majority of voters want to be …. how scary is that?

( Maria Cino Pfizer) As yet more proof that Big Pharma corruption crosses all political lines, Republicans are now considering putting a Pfizer lobbyist, Maria Cino, into the top position at the RNC. Cino was a strong supporter of Obama’s health care reform and yet is a favorite pick of former Vice President Dick Cheney. She’s also been helped by House Speaker John Boehner. GOP strategist Mary Matalin even hosted a fundraiser for her.

Cino was active in the Bush Administration which, as NaturalNews regularly reported over the years, was deeply corrupted by Big Pharma’s profit interests. It was the Bush Administration, for example, that structured a deal with Big Pharma to actually remove the ability of the federal government to negotiate bulk price discounts with the drug companies. This is part of the reason why Medicare is so expensive today: The Bush Administration locked in monopoly pricing for the drug giants, including the very same drug company (Pfizer) for which Maria Cino had lobbied.

Pfizer, by the way, pushed the hardest for passage of Obamacare reforms. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Pfizer CEO Jeffrey Kindler was keen to see Obamacare become law:

“In 2009 Pfizer became the fourth largest federal lobbyist, spending nearly $25 million. The strategy: The industry would pledge $80 billion to reform. In return it would get greater volume and a requirement that people buy brand-name drugs. Democrats would also fight against drug reimportation and forgo price controls. No one pushed harder than Mr. Kindler. The CEO made no fewer than five trips to the White House last year. He was the man prodding Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America head Billy Tauzin every step. He wrote an op-ed with the SEIU’s Mr. Stern demanding reform. He pressed the industry’s $150 million ad campaign promoting ObamaCare, rolled out with liberal activist groups.”

The illusion of a two-party system

So how could the RNC be headed up by a political operative named Maria Cino who openly lobbied for Pfizer and pushed for Obama’s health care reform? The answer is simpler than you think: What we are witnessing here is yet more evidence of the illusion of a two-party political system in America. Regardless of whether a politician is a Democrat or Republican, they all answer to the corporations.

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