Mass Psychosis In American Society – The Self Destruct Syndrome

Self Destructive Disorder
In what was once the United States of America there is a deadly virus infecting millions of people. This disease effects the mental and emotional faculties and it is present in a majority of US citizens. I would classify it as a psycho-social disorder. No one is born with the disorder but some are more susceptible than others.

What makes some people more susceptible is not genetic but environmental. People with the disorder also tend to have dependency issues. Dependency issues are fear based disorders environmentally generated and begin to manifest during childhood. Dependency issues, self destructive disorder and other psycho-social disorders are hardly ever noticed since they’ve become so all pervasive in today’s society.

You can self diagnose for this disorder by looking for some common symptoms in yourself. The symptoms can be as follows:

  • A belief that jobs come from governments
  • A belief that good education is dependent on government funding or some Department of Education
  • A belief that Government will solve the nations financial problems
  • A belief that personal income tax is constitutional and taxes are spent on improving and maintaining public infrastructure
  • A belief that it’s necessary that your State’s elected officials spend much time in Washington DC
  • A belief that this nation’s wars are being fought for national security or to benefit any nation’s populace, foreign or domestic

These are just a few of the mental manifestations of Self Destructive Disorder.

Understanding The personal Agenda

It’s necessary that we understand what we’re dealing with when we seek to change our situations and those situations involve other people like governments, courts and other boring bureaucracies. It’s also necessary we accept people and their agendas realistically.

We all know the depths of depravity mankind can achieve. We see the serial killers, the rapist, the bully and sociopath. But we see these as anomalies. We might want to reconsider that.

Do we deal with life and it’s people through the eyes of the ruthless realist?

There are a lot of well meaning people today working tirelessly to make things better for everybody and failing at it year after year after year. These well meaning activists are lost in this psycho-social disorder. They don’t know they have a disorder. No one with this disorder knows they have the disorder or how it affects their every thought and action. They don’t see the world realistically.

Now if you ask them they’ll gladly and enthusiastically tell you what the problems in society are, where they stem from and what must be done to fix things. But there is nothing being fixed, nothing improving, no real changes for the better.

If you listen to them they’ll ask you to join them in changing things at the level of government. They’ll ask you to join them in phone and email campaigns, marches and demonstrations, subscribing to their blogs, newspapers, websites and “liking” them on Facebook. What has all this activism accomplished, realistically? Nothing.

We always know what people’s agendas are within a few weeks, or months, of them taking office. People are essentially what they do. Not seeing people for what they are by watching what they do is a result of a mental disorder.

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