mastering relationships

The frustration is not the problem that caused the frustration..
The frustration is the way through which we react to the problem..

Usually we get stuck in the problem and its consequent psychological ramification..
with no introspectiveness at all, nor examination of the way we react toward it..

That’s why the often overwhelming pressure coming from the problem dominates
the mind creating a traffic of thoughts and confused future hopes..
or merely just apathy and desolating depression.. acts to hold on to drugs, entertainments, distractions and illusions of various nature ..

If the mind intelligently isolates the reaction from the problem then the mind can see the problem, which can be fact or pure abstraction, for what it is.. as well it can decrypt how the reaction functions..

The problem, if it is fact, of course remains ..
and if it is abstraction, disappears ..
but at least everything gets more clear ..

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