Meredith Rucker on Community

random late night guideline:

in my opinion, community is key.
get to know your community.
not by car..

meet your surroundings intimately.
meet the flowers, the trees, the animals .. the sky.
see the trash, the liter .. the traffic. the mistakes.
interact face to face.

if you like your community, find ways to preserve it.
if you really really like your community, invest in it ..
immerse in it ..
and naturally you will improve it.

community is not just the town you live in,
but also at work and in your own home.

do not take advantage of people. challenge your greed/selfishness.
do some things for free.

culture & religion are irrelevant.
those things can be discarded.

opinions do not have to become political stances / belief systems.

a mature mind to me, is a mind that is considerate of many things.
inner and outer.

preserve nature, intelligence, sensitivity, & the arts.

good night thanks for reading my thoughts.


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