Mind is

Here’s a statement someone made on facebook today “…mind constantly demands psychological security in order to function properly” …

What do we do with all the things we hear and read… all those bits of data we log each moment here?

The first thing I’d want to do with this statement is find out whether it’s true or not… and with any investigation of this type I’d have to, knowing what I know about my mental processes, doubt my ability to find out. How could I trust anything I came up with?

There’s certainly no one we can ask about these things. We’d get answers, but how could we trust what others say? How would we test them?

But lets assume is true… we’d have to ask why… Why would mind demand psychological security in order to function properly? What do we know about what we, each one of us individuals, calls mind? How did we come by this knowledge about what we call mind? How can we trust it?

Where is mind that we might look at it?

Who can say “This mind is functioning properly?”

This is without going into any imagining we might have about things not of this physical planet…

This, line of thinking and questioning gets started (I hope) whenever a statement of this type, not easily and readily testable, gets made…

All this questioning stemming from one single statement, one single person, made once in a facebook post… Mind… I’m not gonna use that word anymore.

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