I heard someone say, “… we are going to inquire about all of these things with out any prepackaged mind-set”. I’d say, “No you’re not”. How would that be possible?

I can begin to look at my prepackaged mindset. I can examine everything that comes to mind… and figure out how it got there. We are also aware that mindsets can be modified. Still, the mind likes to be set.

Try and think as if there’s no possibility of humanity escaping it’s confusion. What happens?

We are all the end product of our accumulation, we all have mindsets. I think this is because the mind (the Me) likes things to be set: solid.

I think this is caused by something that was introduced into our environment many eons past. I think that something instigated a great fear. I’d say that fear is what causes us to look for the solid things… something we can count on, rely on.

I’m not sure what that something was that got the fear ball rolling but whatever it was, it was seriously traumatic. Either that or there’s a glitch in the code. There may be another option for our historic confusion but I haven’t come across any I like. Of course I look at all this stuff through my current mindset

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