Modeling Conformity

One wonders if we are aware of our attitude toward conformity..

Before the attempt aimed to understand if we must or if we must not: are we aware of our tendency toward conformity, the homologation toward a particular “tribe”, standard, belief, fashion? Every linguistic structure and meaning is an element of acceptance of a specific (or misty) model of behaviour or thought..

Long hair, short hair, walking barefoot to “ground”, wearing and showing symbols of identification to distinguish ourselves from other, calling ourselves “lightworkers” or “republicans” or “christian” or “heavy metal people”, the iPhone, the Rolex, the BMW and all of these things..

We combine ourselves with a particular model of conformity to feel secure.. inwardly and outwardly to join something.. whether anarchy, atheism, religiosity, current trends, fashion, ice bouquet challenge and so on.. criticism and adhesion.. it doesn’t matter.. are we aware of this?

Are we aware that wherever there is conformity there cannot be freedom?
In one aware that conformity cannot possibly bring about intelligence?

He who conforms his or her mind to a trend, whatever it is, whether religious, fashionable, linguistic, belief, new age nonsenses, ideals and so on is, actually practicing stupidity.. ’cause, again, intelligence cannot be fertile in the land of identification..

Call yourself lightworker if you will, but you remain psychologically sterile, in dependence..

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