Most People Are Stupid

In the case of human evolution, not what the wanna be scientist refers to as Darwinism, but in the evolution of consciousness, the scales are still tipped toward stupid.

The reason we have the world we have is that most people are stupid. There are any number of great ideas, great works and inventions, every solution ready for implementation right now. But most of what goes on in the world makes no sense. Things just get increasingly stupid.

The world as a whole doesn’t work well for most people. It works okay for the psychopaths who run the world but it doesn’t work best even for them. The would be ‘Kings of the World’ can’t see this – because they’re to stupid.

A high IQ doesn’t mean you’re not stupid. Gaining Degrees, Doctorates or Positions of power doesn’t mean you’re not stupid. Climbing to the top of the social heap doesn’t mean you’re not stupid.

*Nuclear energy is stupid. *Geo-engineering, *Bioengineering is stupid. *Genetic Modification is stupid. Petroleum power is stupid. Life under monetary systems is stupid. Turning ones life over to a government, or any governing body is stupid.

The world is, and has always been, run by stupid people. Most people are to stupid to stop following them. To stupid to say – no more, thats enough.

Even if the scales tipped in favor of intelligence, and we stopped following stupid, would we be intelligent enough to do something better?

* Stupid: to implement technology before knowing all the consequences, or simply ignoring consequences

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