muscle cramps resolved

It’s not hard to find information on muscle cramps and there are suggestions as to what you might do to resolve the condition. I’ve known about all of them and applied what I could, to no avail.

The other day I was pouring some good pink salt into the dispenser and remembering the salt tablets farmers passed out to us when we were in the hay fields. I remembered the mineral blocks we’d set out for the cows. We called those blocks salt licks. They were reddish colored…

I thought about what I knew about minerals, mineral deficiency, electrolytes etc.

I got the almost full jug of just orange orange juice, put two heaping teaspoons of the pink salt in it and shook it up. I chugged a bunch down. It reminded me of Gator Ade, which I don’t drink cause I don’t trust it.

I went out and worked with a shovel and the day was good and hot. Normally, I would have had muscle cramps before I was done and they would have got worse as the evening progressed. They didn’t.

I’ve continued to do this and haven’t had muscle cramps since I started. Unless I forget to drink the mix. Of course the Orange juice is optional…

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