My Case For No God

The case for there being no God

Or, if there is a god, he’s a crazy god, an evil or incompetent god.

When I say God here I’m talking about a god like the god of the given religions – thus the usage of a pronoun: He. Given religions: religions that create themselves from books. Where the books come from is hard to say for sure. I doubt it matters, not knowing is not knowing even if we claim to know.

So the case against the existence of an all knowing, all powerful, creator of the World, Earth and it’s inhabitants, including us, goes something like this.

Faulty design

Case for no god number one: Addiction. Yes this ones personal. We somehow find ourselves on a planet with equipment that’s not perfectly suited. In my case, for whatever reason, my brain is allergic to alcohol.

Unlike most allergies where reactions deter further involvement an alcohol allergy reacts with the need for more. Ridiculous design

Bad design

Issue two: No fur. See anyone else living here with no fur? See any bare assed animals running around, besides humans? Feathers would work. Something to keep us from getting beat up, scratched up or frozen. Bad design

Bad thinker

Back to the brain and it’s propensity to think badly. Know any really intelligent people? How many geniuses have you met? How many average thinkers? Below average thinkers? Shoppers?

When was the last time you met anybody doing anything or thinking anything really knew or different? Who do you know who is truly happy who depends on nothing for their happiness?

I understand how people can be taken in by nonsense when it’s marketed so well, but to stay in? To remain a member for life? There are far to many stupid people here in the US. I’m not sure about other countries, but from what I’ve observed so far… Bad Thinker

Bad god

“You will know them by their fruit…”. That’s from one of those books people build religions around.

So if the fruit is poorly designed, faulty, prone to self destruction, then the designer is?

Benevolent god

Ever notice that, as far as earth animals go, we’re pitifully weak? This might be another design flaw but maybe it’s something more sinister. Maybe god made us weak and stupid on purpose, as entertainment.

Maybe we’re just players in some cosmic reality show…

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