Nations: Why Would We Want Them?

“The Self Determined Path”

That phrase sort of developed for me over time. I guess it started to take shape as I read the thoughts of others. What became obvious to me after a while is I was not thinking for myself.

I don’t know how old I was when it finally became crystal clear that I hadn’t ever really decided anything for myself. That possibly none of the thoughts that cycled through my brain were mine. For the most part I had adopted the thoughts and opinions of others. Maybe my only original thought was – somethings wrong here. A feeling that something was simply not right with practically everything I observed. I guess it could be summed up in “This can’t work”.

Over the years my opinions would change as I ran across better ideas. But they were always some one else’s ideas. One thing that makes it next to impossible to think for ourselves is we’re herded from a very young age toward the ideas of others. We’re literally told what to think and what to feel and if we don’t parrot those thoughts and feelings we suffer the consequences.

With that in mind, why would we (you and me) want to build or defend a nation? Most, if not all, of our ideas, opinions, thoughts and feelings about nations came from….? Who benefits from a nation? Where is there a nation that is really paying off for the people who live within it’s borders?

Why do we have nations, where do they come from? Isn’t a nation the same as a kingdom? Isn’t that where the whole nation idea came from? The only difference I can see between a nation and a kingdom is – a king.

I think it’s possible that people who have never been allowed to think for themselves never grow out of childhood. So at some point, when the fledgling stage comes around, they look for another type of parental security.

The kings of nations call themselves a government. The king is always part of the elite. Elitism is got through inheritance, compliance or violence. Only the elite can designate who is considered part of the elite. I am not part of any elite group so I have no say in it. All elite have power – this makes them attractive to the person groomed for a life of childhood. Children desire protection, routine, stability and a since of belonging to a family.

So the nation ruled by a powerful elite becomes mother and father. Something to be honored and defended. What if we did away with all borders? Let’s get one thing clear right away – this is going to happen. It really doesn’t matter what we as individuals want or what the nation builders want. The nation age is going to end. We’re in the midst of this process right now.

The elite are moving toward what they see as their ideal – which is more power and control by expansion of their kingdoms. There is a much greater force at work, moving in this same direction for it’s own reasons. Maybe reasons is not accurate, maybe design is better, closer, I don’t know, doesn’t matter. The important thing to realize is – the nation as we know it will soon be a thing of the past. How do we feel about this? How should we feel about it?

What will be lost or gained on the personal comfort level? The more I look around I see that personal comfort is the most important thing there is – to everyone. Everyone would like to have more. Some, who have power, do what they can to increase their own personal comfort. Those without power attempt to increase personal comfort through cooperation with power.

Personal comfort for the elite increases with power and control. So what is the power system replacing the Nation? What brings comfort to the rest of us? Is it dependence on the parental figure of the nation?

If you read this you’ll naturally start to think about it. It will be interesting to consider where our reactions to this idea of change come from. Where do we get the idea that nations are good? What are they good for? Are they best for people? Who says?

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