No Cows, No Food Sovereignty, But GMO’s Are Okay

Of all the stupid things people in this country have to put up with, buying food labeling loop holes is up there. I have a good video on GMO labeling tricks somewhere, but an Internet search can get you the info you need to read ingredients. I usually don’t buy foods that have anything in the ingredients list – thats not food. In my book “textured vegetable protein” is not food.


TVP? It’s called “textured vegetable protein” and it’s found in all sorts of vegetarian foods, camping foods, frozen foods, canned soups and much more. This food article – Tara Green explains why TVP may be contaminated with the toxic chemical solvent known as hexane. (TVP is also often made from GMO soy, so it’s often another genetically modified food ingredient…)

In another example of “The law gone nuts” a Wisconsin judge has declared that people have absolutely no fundamental right to own cows or buy raw milk. I suppose we’re all just food slaves now who have to eat whatever the state tells us, huh?

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