No Fear, No Guilt, No Worry

Want to mess up your chances for being healthy and happy? Let fear, guilt and worry go unchecked.

Fear is best dealt with when we see that it’s mostly imaginary. What are we afraid of? When does this scary thing take place?

When does worrying about something help resolve the problem? Or, is there a problem at all. What would happen if we stopped worrying?

When is guilt productive? When does guilt help us or others? Why do we feel guilt? Where does the idea of guilt come from?

If we can look at guilt, fear and worry with no emotional involvment, or attachment, we will see them for what they are. Fear, guilt and worry depend on our belief systems and our imaginations for their existance. We bring them to life.

We create them and invite them into ourselves and into our lives. They can completely dominate our thoughts and lives and turn a walk in the park into a nightmare.

What is life on Earth but a walk in the park? Earth is a great big park. It’s a nice place to spend a hundred years or so. The facts about our lives on Earth are not many. We’re here, that’s about it.

If we just walk through it, look at the sites, listen to natures music, enjoy the food and smells, the people and other wildlife, it’s a good time for all.

But we don’t all do that do we? Fear turns life into a struggle. Worry grinds us up.

To get started towards a life without fear and worry we just ask why? Why are we feeling what we’re feeling? Why do we care? What would happen if we stopped?

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