No freedom in thinking

There is no freedom in thinking because all consciousness is conditioned..

If one cannot see this reality, not intellectually or scholastically, not jumping into the easy “here’s is the key !!!” … not interpreting this whole fact philosophically.. but rather completely, totally.. because it’s fact.. if one cannot go there, preferring his or her own pillow.. his or her own comfortable psycho-socio-tribalistic bed.. then his or her mind perhaps will invent and cling to so many shining truths and revelations, secrets, wonders and miracles..

… but, in truth, such a mind really never moved: it went no where.. and such condition has marked a separation between man and man.. outwardly.. and between mind and illusion, inwardly.. so the mind is not longer able to intercept illusion.. the “shields are down”..

To understand the so complex industry of thinking is an act that has nothing to do with acceptance or denial because the moment you accept this and that truth, and consequentially you deny its opposite.., you have already placed a separation between your conceptualization of truth and what reality is all about..

No acceptance, nor denial, just questioning and intense inquiry…

No one wants to go through the thick asteroids belt of conditioning’s and tricks the mind is made of and populated by. But each act of escapism from it, no matter how much bombastic it may be, really goes no where if not temporarily.. but if the introspectiveness really challenge and go through the asteroids forest.. then a factual psychological revolution comes into being, a revolution which is not made up by ideas and answers, nor by big truths or mystical revelations whatsoever of any sort ..

…but rather; it’s a dissolution of the mist.. an awakening of our own intelligence.. peeling away the heavy scales of illusion..

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