No tranquility for mind

There is no such thing as perpetual tranquility of mind, not here and most likely not even after death..♪, ♫♫
♪, ♫♫
galaxies were born from the explosive chaos of the hyper quasars,
stars were born from the remaining nebulae ..
and planets from the agglomerations of gases around the star’s suburbia ..♪, ♫♫
.♪, ♫♫♪, ♫♫♫
Everything is immensely complicated..
♫♪, ♫
and here comes the nice paradox:
because.. exactly because of such complicatedness, being such complicatedness so vast .. ♫♪, ♫
then between a cataclysm and another.. ♫♪, ♫
the experiencing of tranquility tracks and marks the seeds of everlasting progressive evolution..
which is the big expo of the thermodynamics..
♫♪, ♫
until intelligence will be prepared..
sharp enough ..
to find the way out ♫♪, ♫
out of the universe…
♫♪, ♫

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