Nobody really believes in God

I’ve lately entertained the idea that nobody really believes in god… even those who say they do and spend their lives in what they believe to be service to the gods don’t really believe it…

The same with evolution… even those people who earn their living from it… The evangelists for evolution don’t believe it.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking… We know all there is for us to know.

The first thing that gets in our way is we can’t, for some reason, find ourselves. What I have eventually found to be me is what people now days are calling Mind.

I would say we quite literally don’t know what we are… We have lost the real us and fell in to the stories people tell. By our being here, listening… doing what we think of as thinking… we moved from our original What to a Who…

When we meet someone, what do they ask? What seems to be the focus? Isn’t it something like, “So, Dave, what do you do?”… Are we this who? A product of our work? What Who thinks about What when it comes to personal identity?

Don’t we think and care, all but exclusively, about who we are? We are parents, students, cooks, crooks, teachers, boyfriends, wives… pretty, sexy, lonely, tired… depressed, stressed, needy, hopeful, earnest, honest, hooked… All of these make up the many Who we became or want to become.

But in all this distraction, busyness, reverence and nonsense we don’t, can’t, fully disconnect from the What. We are in touch with our what selves, the what is maybe in the background but we know it’s there…

I’d guess that we all talk to it… The Who asking the question in response to the sensation of being connected to something… is anyone there?

Imagine what we are, Mind, and the made up Who that can’t remember itself… what does the who do? It lives in a constant state of separation and the sense of loss, of being lost… feeling as if our family, our home, our secure existence has vanished… what would that We do?

Wouldn’t we try and recreate all those things? Wouldn’t we want to make them our reality… Here… as, and for, the Who we think we are?

Can you feel it?

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