Nothing New In News

The Nation Of War

The United States of America and it’s military expansion: headlines cite the new course for the 21st century. The problem with this “new” course is that it’s centuries old. Why would one thing the United States different from any historical empire?

The real problem is the old problem. You can look at the plans for global conquest in documents from “The Club Of Rome”, reading historians like Chalmers Johnson, looking at the food coup called Codex Alimentarius, finding out what “The People Planners” plans are and learn something about how it can continue and why we can’t stop.

There is no shortage of information, documents and facts about the “new” direction of the US Military and it’s handlers. I mentioned to someone the other day how learning and understanding was easy if you don’t have a preference to what the facts are. This “preference” is a little baffling to me – that people would care about “What Is” one way or another. It’s always an either or condition: People are lying – or not, people are working in your favor – or not, military expansionism is executing it’s global plan – or not…

My question is: What do you care? What do I care what the facts are? Why should anyone care? Things are, or they are not – period.

The US Military Industrial Complex is out to rule the world – period. There’s no way people can wiggle out of this reality. Even pretending, lying to ourselves, is not – getting out of anything. Pretending does not change the facts.

Most people have heard the term “Police State”. Most people associate “Police State” with the past, or something that exists over there. Currently, in the US, the military is the police for the Corporate/Cartel’s puppet government: The World Police State.

For decades the US military government has been in the employ of the “New World Business” group. Their policy for this nation and the nations of the world is “Play ball or be replaced”. This is the fact we are facing.

This “Play Ball Or Else” doctrine (again) is nothing new. From Ho Chi Minh to Muammar Gaddafi, the facts tell a sick tale of madness and addiction to power

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