Nuclear Is For Nuts

For as long as I’ve been aware of the Nuclear programs I’ve wondered at the complete nuttiness involved in any and all of them.

What do we know about Nuclear reactions and nuclear material? Well, we know how to create a reaction. Okay. We know there is a byproduct that’s deadly and we know we aren’t able to deactivate it.

Shouldn’t that knowledge, that we don’t know how to use it safely, have been the end of the public nuclear experiment? I’m not saying stop looking at it – just stop messing around with in the public arena.

The root of the nuclear decision is this: We need more power. Who needs more power? Power to do what? One answer is “To fuel society.  We need power to keep the system running.”

Why is there a system running with no way to power it without killing the world? Answer? We want to.

We better decide once and for all what kind of society we will allow to grow up around us. It’s up to every person to do their part in restoring sanity to the world. The first of which is, in my opinion, removing the nutty people making these nutty decisions.

Marching out the nuclear material is nutty. Einstein new it. The nuclear idea needs to go back in the box. There are numerous other ways to utilize the energy that’s all around us. People have done it over the years but all these have been buried by the nuts and nutty professors.

We all know about the earths magnetic field – what is the only thing that produces a magnetic field?

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