Of filters and data

In all seriousness (really) I’ve been aware of, some of my, filters for some time now. I’ve seen the filters in others and always keep this in mind when dealing with people….

Recently I’ve had a sick person here and I’ve been looking up everything I can on their condition and we’ve been going through all the data together… It’s a classic case of identical data being run through the filter and resulting in a totally different conclusion.

Although this is frustrating, because I have a sick person here who will likely stay sick and get sicker, we’ve never agreed on much of anything so it’s nothing new…

But herein lies the dilemma: if and when people would like the same result, for instance you and I might want everyone to see their filters and dismantle them… but we’re looking at the available data and coming to different conclusions… that’s a show stopper as far as a different future is concerned

To me this says, even if it’s possible that people agree on what they want they’ll never be able to agree on how to get there… This is also nothing new as far as observation and analysis goes… but I think it’s a good topic to address

… and just for the record, I am not responsible for the creation of GMO’s

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