Of Knowledge and Intelligence

In an age in which so many are parroting oneness, a clear mind should be able to distinguish and separate what’s the technical memory of everyday’s life and what’s the accumulation emotional memories we use to dislocate within our psychological storage along our life..

Let’s start from the way through which it begins: why the mind, the human mind, gives such a tremendous relevance to our knowledge?

So if I have been traumatized when I was a kid today, perhaps 40, 50 years later, I still struggling because of such knowledge.. or if I became, because of my knowledge, a well respected bureaucrat or social figure, then this position acquires as enormous as stupid relevance within my, our psychology and society…


Is this an innate construct of the psyche?

It gives a sense of security, which is power.. for sure.. but it’s not natural.. just like the very inherently stupid condition in which man, which is the most expanded brain in this planet, is at the same time the most confused brain, the most cruel and exploiter, the most petty and violent .. and that’s not natural at all.. obviously.. ’cause it doesn’t match what evolutionary intelligence should match…

Or does intelligence grow together equally to/with confusion?
That’s an absurdity that even the most silly mind can detect, we assume.. isn’t it so?

If you observe attentively, the you maybe detect that we all have a sort of venerating approach to our knowledge..

We are indisputable worshippers of knowledge, knowledge in terms of everything: my memory, the “I am this, I am that”, beliefs, identities, nationalisms, what we possess intellectually, emotionally and materialistically…

I look at my car parked on the side of the road and what comes to my mind is not immediately the picture of the car: what comes is “that’s mine”!

Veneration of knowledge indisputably gives us a sense of security, as well a social, ideological, or spiritual, or religious identity in which we identify ourselves.. and in there we invest our intelligence, or what remains of it.

Now, I wonder if we are able (or willing) to notice that to venerate something the emotional field must be involved also.. so this process of worshipping knowledge implies a complete psychological investment which is the reason why the mnemonic field is so determinant & crucial to us.. and such investment become oxymoronically idiotic because nothing is wrong in knowledge obviously, but when knowledge is venerated.. the the whole mind becomes and proceeds through the knowledge it has .. and intelligence decays

Always challenge he who tells you that we are our memories .. We are not our memories

To claim that an individual is his or her own memory is of promote scarcity of intelligent thinking…
Is the computer what the computer contains, meaning its files?
Is the picture of your wife, family or friends what they truly are?

It’s obvious that knowledge and intelligence must co-exist.. but they must work in different psychological territories ..
because knowledge creates through imitation.. if it creates.. while intelligence creates from observation..

Knowledge always splits, which is fine when applied technically.. but resulting in a mess when managed and done psychologically and emotionally.

while intelligence without conditioning’s coming from knowledge, instead, sees what it is.. then it proceeds..

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