On Clarity of Mind

We’ve all learned some things, we’ve read and listened and made some decisions… we’ve likely discovered some things about ourselves and observed something of our mental activity.

We’re likely not cracking the hymn books on Sunday or rallying behind our political team… But what is clarity?
Can we liken it to a clear pool… we see the bottom pretty good, the waters aren’t muddy… but what of the microscopic parts? Those things so tiny, so subtle, it’s not possible to see them directly… Wouldn’t we need to watch for the effect they have on the pool to gain some understanding of them.
In the case of our now clearer mind we might catch the effect of some of these more subtle players… We notice a stirring in the emotional current: why did I think that? Why did I feel that?
In our mental make up, the clearer pool of mind, what influences lie beyond our easy vision… hidden from the learned observer? Would not every thing we’ve heard about life be an influence? The unseen?
Who does not believe something about the unknown?
Even if we refuse to admit it… even though we can reason it away with our learning, or wishing… is it gone? Are we really as clear as we think we are?
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