On getting old

About this whole getting old thing,

First I noticed that my pants didn’t fit… they kept falling down. What I had that kept them up and tight somehow disappeared

Then there’s that loss of strength thing… I use a wheelbarrow more now. My saw seems heavy and a pocket full of change has me tilting

But the strangest is the overall shrinking… I had to shorten my golf clubs, not a little, two whole inches… You know what 2 inches means? I look up more when I talk to women and sometimes I just know they want to bounce me on their knee

I didn’t notice this until about 4 years ago… 2 inches in for years? So, 10 years from now I’ll be standing on a chair to get a glass of water… or jumping up to get my coat of the rack?

That little gray haired lady looking “through” the steering wheel as she drives her yellow Coupe Deville to luncheon? I feel you Sis… I’m almost there

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