Opinion and the root of the problem

I read today where someone wrapped up their rap with “forgetfulness is indeed the root of the problem”

It’s my opinion that any opinion, any belief, is best presented as such. So I try and do that and examine every idea I have to find where opinion and belief may be hiding. Is this “forgetfulness is indeed the root of the problem” an opinion?

Whatever the problem here is, forgetfulness may well be it’s root, but can we be certain of this?

I’d say looking at it in the context of the message being given that our tendency to forget may be a branch. Does our wanting to feel secure leads to the tendency to forget? …that could be the root. Or that trauma leads to the want for security… and so on, and so on… back to where we know nothing of what happened to set the ball rolling.

I’d say there’s little doubt in my mindset today that forgetfulness is a problem for us. Which is still an opinion.

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