Opinions and ideas

We all have them… We can’t not have them. We hear them from ourselves and others all the time as “You know what you should do…”, “If they’d just…”, “If we want this, then everybody needs to…” and so on. How about the ideas for a better world?

If we can’t build something from them, and if the result of that building isn’t really something, then it’s just another opinion and some ideas that may or may not have any real life merit

Now if we have and idea and we’re of the opinion that our idea is really something then we’ve got to show people… the result of that will tell if it’s a really good idea, a great fucking idea, or just one of a billion ideas that will likely die with us

Ever notice how many books, especially religious, or what people are calling Spiritual or New Age, get written about what we could do, should do, to improve ourselves or the society. Ever wonder, “Where’s the working example?”

Has anyone ever created a Society that is really working great? If you know of one I’d really like to hear about it

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