Orders Need Servants

Every order needs it’s servants to exist. The new world order needs your support. The old world orders had theirs.

Order needs compliance. Compliance needs compliants. Masters needs servants. You can’t serve two masters – absolutely. We can’t raise freedom for individuals and serve the collectivist order.

This country was “Ordered” by those who wanted freedom from an order. The Crown. They sought to create a new order for themselves where they were the masters. A world where all men were equal, but not all were men. Here the new order gave, provided, different rights.

Freedom for all, under the new order. No servant to old Kings but a pledge to a new world order. A pledge of allegiance still. Soon another war of commerce ensued. Slaves were given certain rights. Basically the right under the order to not be sold as commerce.

Thus to not compete with the new commerce. Service to commerce was the new old order. Civil service. Armed service. Commercial TV, commercial government. The order of commerce.

Out of the Crown and into the dollar.

Decide not to serve. Decide not to defend the order. No servant to the laws against freedom and individuality. But defend the freedom to create, express, invent and make use of the natural resources of people and planet.

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