Organized Religions Purpose

The purpose of organized religions is to control people. At best it may scare some folks into better behaviour. I can find evidence of this in my own life. But, it’s really not a necessary means or even the best way to influence people.

What is religion?

Etymology of the word “Religion” By Gary Amirault

Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary traces the word back to an old Latin word religion meaning “taboo, restraint.” A deeper study discovers the word comes from the two words re and ligare. Re is a prefix meaning “return,” and ligare means “to bind;” in other words, “return to bondage.”

A very simple way to stay out of bondage is to stay away from organized religions and there churches. No one needs their books and houses to find god – if one exists. We are connected to whatever is real in the Universe. We can find what’s real and what exists on our own through that connection.

Brain Washing

I hear a lot of talk from news media and film, propagandising for the military, about the “Those crazy Muslims”. People in the western armies, intelligence and their government mouth pieces deride the evil Muslim fanatics. I admit there pretty much right about some of them. But what they don’t mention and a majority fail to see is their own religious brain washing systems.

Every person “Marching off to war” today has been brainwashed. Well, unless they’re one of those who just wants an excuse to kill people. Lot’s of kids are joining the military for the money – any money. Jobs are hard to find. I understand.

Every person “Bowing Down” in deference to anything has been brainwashed. It’s pathetic.

The brain washing starts early and remains constant throughout our lives . It’s being carried out by one of two groups of people. These groups consist of those who don’t know – “the previously likewise brainwashed” and those who do know – “the controllers”.

There are brainwashed people and their controllers in all organized religions, all branches government, all intelligence agencies (in all countries), all police departments. Literally everybody in the world must fall into one of three categories when it comes to brainwashing: controlled, controller or free. Be free

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