Origins… Coincidence or Gods Plan

1) Are we the mere product of coincidences?
2) Are we the result of a god’s plan?

Possible result of option 1: We feel meaningless, harmless, lost, insignificant.

Outcomes: we invent a god, a purpose, an existential meaning of life.

Consequences: fear, instability, conflict, stupidity.

Possible result of option 2: Then we have a mission, a fate to accomplish, a destiny to match, an ultimate purpose…

Outcomes: we protect out mission, frightened that someone or something “evil” may will menace our purpose in life…

Consequences: fear, instability, conflict, stupidity.

3) Not caring about points 1, 2 or either?

Result of option 3: Psychological serenity

Outcome: Evolution of intelligence.

Consequences: End of most psychological conflicts, rise of psychological stability, lucidity, progressive end of existential fear, gradual dissolution of stupidity.

What option? It’s up to you!

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